Snow Beta Hits the Slopes October 25 on PS4


SNOW released just over three years ago as an Early Access title on Steam. Now it’s a free to play title on the platform. Today, Poppermost Productions CEO and game director, Alexander Bergendahl, announced that the company is launching the SNOW Founder’s Pack for $19.99 on the PlayStation Network on October 25th.

SNOW brings you to the world known as Sialia, an open-world mountain full of unique areas including a castle, an observatory and much more. It’s said to have over two dozen drop points with a load of challenges to try and complete.

Another addition to SNOW on PS4 is the inclusion of snowboarding and snowmobiles that you can use to ride the mountain. Who here enjoyed Sled Storm on PS1? Ah, good times!

There’ll be a ton of customization options for your character and your equipment so you can have the coolest looking rider on the mountain. Plus, Poppermost has teamed up with ESPN to recreate the 2016 Winter X Games in Aspen and SNOW on PS4 will feature the Slopestyle, Super Pipe, and Big Air courses.


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