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Hatsune Miku VR is a spin-off from the Hatsune MIku: Project DIVA X for the PS4, and it was released just to try and offer games the experience of a live concert. Does it succeed though, or should this show be canceled?


I’ve been putting off writing about this one for over a week now. I could blame it on Battlefield 1, or the fact that I got back into Outlast recently, but the sad truth is this… I don’t like writing about “games” that I don’t like. I really don’t like saying negative things about them, and I understand the developers put their time and hearts into their work, but Hatsune Miku VR feels like it’s lacking.

First off, this “game”, along with the press materials straight up tells you how you should play Hatsune Miku VR to experience it to the fullest. If you plan to do that, make sure nobody is home because you’ll look and sound like a complete idiot.  In fact, here’s a quote directly from my press email: “This is an immersive experience, and isn’t for grumpy, jaded, “impress me” hater types. You have to go all in.”

I think this statement holds true to a number of VR games because they’re on a different level than your standard video games in this generation.  However, Hatsune Miku VR fails to offer a truly concert-like experience in every fashion. Half the time, you’re watching a hologram, and not the actual star of the show, and there are no backup dancers or elaborate stage designs. You can move around by switching your camera, but it doesn’t really offer anything new aside from a different viewing angle.


The gameplay, should it even be called that, consists of waggling your controller in one of 2-3 patterns when the notification appears on screen. You can also cheer and scream on Miku’s name at certain times for a little more interaction with the show. Here’s another excerpt from the developers: “Just to reiterate, if you are not yelling like the rest of the crowd, controller overhead swinging like a mad-man / crazy woman, you aren’t doing it right.” I’m not doing it right?  That statement made me reminisce of the 360 XBLA title, Hydrophobia, where the developers became hostile and told people they weren’t playing it properly.

Unfortunately, that’s really all Hatsune Miku VR offers, aside from a decent selection of songs. “Love Song” and “Weekender Girl” area pretty solid tunes, and the other five songs included in Pack #1 are decent to listen to as well.  There are three planned song packs that will retail at $14.99 US each or $39.99 as a bundle. I really wish there was more positive to say about this title, but frankly it doesn’t feel complete, and I think it should be a free piece of software rather than charging people for it.

Hatsune Mike VR Future Live was reviewed using a review code provided by the publisher.

A little shaking of your controller, and awkward yelling at your TV. Oh, and you can change cameras... that's pretty cool, right?
It's got the SEGA look. Blocky polygons, very Japanese in its style. If you like anything else from SEGA, it follows suit.
Definitely the strongest factor of the game... while there are only seven songs in the pack, they're all pretty decent tunes. Ambient noise is pretty suitable for a concert as well. Oh, and autotune! (Let's hope we don't see a VR Kanye game!)
6.0Final Score

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