Headmaster | REVIEW | PlayStation VR


Headmaster is one of the VR titles I’ve been putting off for a while, and I’m really not sure why. However, this week I decided to give it a run and see how it fairs against the remaining launch titles. Quite surprisingly, I found myself to be pretty pleased with the accuracy and variety of mini-games it offers.


You’re thrown into a football (soccer if you prefer) training camp where you train to head balls into a net. The concept sounds simplistic but that’s what really makes this game intriguing. Each level introduces a new method, or rather a new challenge to overcome to get the balls into the net, and get a high score. Each level has 3 tiers, with the highest score obviously being the toughest to reach. Each level has a power-up of some sort, and depending on what it is and how it works, you can determine how to use its ability and gain the maximum number of points.

While there are no actual characters in the game, there is the computerized narrative known as the Headmaster, and it feels very reminiscent of GlaDOS from the Portal games. The Headmaster basically encourages you throughout your training regiment, and gives you tips on how to improve your heading skills.


One thing I really like about Headmaster is the ability to play without any controllers in your hands. Only the headset is required, and you can play the game while either sitting down in a standing position.  Another great thing about this game is the ability to play in a small space. I can move my coffee table if need to be create more space in my play area, but I always prefer a game like this where I can leave everything as it normally is, and enjoy the game.

Headmaster takes a really simply concept and builds upon it to create an immersive, fun, and challenging experience. It’s definitely one of the most accurate motion-tracking titles I’ve played thus far, and the most accessible for any setup you may have for gaming. In case you were on the fence, please consider this a heads up that Headmaster is a title worth adding to your VR library.

Lots of variety in mini-games and challenges, and accurate tracking motions. Semi-steep learning curve with very little help from the game though. Be prepared to practice.
Dark and simplistic, nothing really stands out with any 'wow' factor, but it does the job it's supposed to do.
The slightly dark sense of humor from the Headmaster offers a chuckle every so often, and the sound effects do as they're intended.
8.0Final Score


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