Name : Marvel’s Spider-Man
Developer : Insomniac Games
Publisher : Sony Interactive Entertainment
Platform(s) : PlayStation 4
Genre : Action
Release Date : September 7, 2018
Price : $59.99
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Spidey’s coming along well based upon the new footage we got to see during the Sony E3 press conference. This new trailer showcases some new enemies, and some actual gameplay, including some Quick-Timed Events sequences that will play a part in the game.


Spider-Man has been in development for some time now over at Insomniac Games, and last night we finally got a true glimpse of what it looks like during actio gameplay. From stealthy takedowns to Batman-like group battle scenarios, the game looks like ton of fun. The trailer also shows off some QTE moments, and some extremely cool web-slinging action to traverse the city. Oh, did you catch the first-person webbing action too? Yeah, that looked cool!