Masters of Anima Launches On PS4, Xbox, Switch & PC | NEWS

Name : Masters of Anima
Developer : Passtech Games
Publisher : Focus Home Interactive
Platform(s) : PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC
Genre : Action RPG
Release Date : April 10, 2018
Price : $24.99 (CDN), $19.99 (USD)
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Fans of Overlord and the Pikmin games can rejoice today, thanks to the release of Masters of Anima. Developed by PASSTECH Games, Masters of Anima is an action RPG where you can raise and control minions to do your bidding and help you defeat various enemies and solve numerous puzzles.

  • Raise up to 100 Guardians at once to help you during exploration and fight, and manage them at the tip of your fingers
  • Strategy is key. Summon 5 types Guardians with their unique abilities and take on huge monsters in frenetic combat
  • Manage your Anima closely. This magical, all-around resource is key to combat, puzzle solving & exploration.

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