Code giveaways starting soon

Starting tomorrow (Friday) we will be giving away loads of Xbox game codes away just because it is Friday and you can have something to play over the weekend, it is either that or watch the Eurovision Song Contest!

Starting around 3PM (UK time) we will start to post details on our Twitter account on how you can enter. To make things interesting we will be giving them away in a variety of formats including the usual RT, @ us an answer and the more fun such as code hunts on the site, the best dressed avatar pageant and more.

If you are not already following us on Twitter you can do so by visiting @Gamergeddon and clicking on the follow button. We will try to post some of the site giveaway details in this post as they happen, but to get the latest updates your best bet is to follow the twitter account.

Several games are up for grabs including indie games Chris Unarmed, Starbase Epsilon, Block Killer and later in the weekend some codes for the XBLA game Aqua. Spread the word and good luck for tomorrow!

UPDATE – I added two codes for the indie game Kapture on our review here.

UPDATE – As you can play with your Avatar in Ace Gals Tennis your avatar should look good. So I want to see if your avatars are worthy. Reply in the comments below with a photo of your Xbox avatar or link to your image i.e. and I will pick my favourite in 2 hours. The winner will win a code for the game. You can enter either on twitter or comments below.


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