Toy Soldiers: The Kaiser’s Battle Giveaway (Winners Announced)

The first DLC for the hit title Toy Soldiers is now available to purchase on the Marketplace. To celebrate, we have four codes to give away for the DLC. Read on to find out how to enter.

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Winners Announced

The random winner of the web site giveaway was “Jounin” who chose “Easy Company” as his battalion name. Good call on the Band of Brothers reference – wonderful mini-series!

For our final Twitter-based giveaway, requiring you to email me the prior name of our site – whether you’re a long time visitor, or you took the time to search, congratulations to those who figured it out! The answer was Emuholic’s Game Blog and the answer was located here. The winner of that competition is Joshua B.

Congratulation to our other winners on Twitter, including the one that didn’t care to say thank you – we hope you all enjoy The Kaiser’s Battle in Toy Soldiers. Of course, we also want to say thank you to Microsoft & Signal Studios for making this giveaway possible, and for providing us with such a great game!

The Kaiser’s Battle (also known as The Spring Offensive) was a series of offensives by the German Army along the Western Front in 1918. The DLC will allow players to enter the fray as the French Army, take on a new experimental boss, and battle into the midnight hours in new multiplayer and Survival Mode maps. Detailed description of The Kaiser’s Battle follows:

  • Play as the French Army! In addition to entirely new French Unit Skins, players can choose from two new units including the French Hotchkiss Machine Gun and French Canon de 75 Howitzer.
  • New French Mini-Campaign! Three new single player levels including: Blucher-Yorck, Operation Gneisenau and The Last Offensive.
  • New Experimental Boss, the mammoth German K-Wagen!
  • Players can battle it out with their friends in split-screen or on Xbox LIVE with two new Multiplayer Maps, Georgette and Mountain of Reims.
  • Survival Mode is back and bigger than ever before! Fight to the last man standing in a new and much larger Survival Mode environment.
  • Three new Achievements: Base Rat – Players who find all the golden cubes hidden in the new French single player campaign will earn 15 gamer points; Land Ship – Players who defeat the German K-Wagen Boss will earn 25 gamer points; Grass Cutter – Players who get a 40x blast combo will earn 10 gamer points.
  • Keeping with the unique art style of Toy Soldiers, new French inspired art will be available including: new French soldiers and officers, unique French Props, and much more!

You can find more information and purchase the DLC for 400 :MSPoints: on the Marketplace.


Follow @Gamergeddon on Twitter. 3 of 4 codes will be given out through various methods on our Twitter account, including one for a long-time visitors. (Hint!). Please remember to include the hashtag #GGWinKaiser when replying.

To win the 4th code, simply leave us a comment below telling us what you’d name your own battalion. The winner will be picked at random from all eligible entries. The competition ends at 9PM EST.


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