Gamergeddon 2nd year anniversary giveaway – Day 1

Although Friday is the special day we have so many prizes we have to split them up over a few days.  So welcome to the first day of Gamergeddon’s 2nd Anniversary giveaway! We have 11 games to give away today including the hit XBLA game Ms. Splosion Man and loads of  Xbox Indie Games.

The fact of the matter is most people visiting will skip straight to how to get free stuff. But, if you are reading this – thank you! I will keep the sentimental stuff short and sweet; Two years have gone by quite fast and the site has grown a lot. We’ve met loads of great people and played loads of great games. Thanks especially to our staff; Bryan (Managing Editor), and our reviewers Kyle, Josh, Bradley, Aaron and CyberAxe, and a big thanks to all our visitors and friends for supporting the site, some of which have been following us from near day one. Good luck with the giveaway!

– Dave C., Editor-in-Chief



Ms. Splosion ManMarketplace

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We have one code to give away for the hit platform game Ms. Splosion Man. You can read our review here.

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A Frog Game
We have two codes to give away for the XBLIG A Frog Game. Check it out on the Marketplace

Swamp Defense
We have three codes to give away for the XBLIG Swamp Defense. Read our review here and check it out on the Marketplace.

3 in 1 – game compilation
We have two codes to give away for the XBLIG 3 in 1 – game compilation. Check it out on the Marketplace.

Ice Crush 10.000 B.C.
We have three codes to give away for the XBLIG Ice Crush 10.000 B.C.. Check it out on the Marketplace


How to enter

We are doing things a little different for this competition. Instead of entering for a specific prize, we have put all the prizes in to a pool and winners will be picked at random. You can enter all of the below methods to increase your chances of winning a prize.

Entry 1 – Reply in our comments

To enter all you need to do is tell us what annoys you the most in video games. My (Dave C) personal annoyances are unnecessary time limits and swimming sections found in games. Tell us your annoyances in games and the reason why in the comments below and consider yourself entered.

Entry 2 – Twitter RT

You must be following @Gamergeddon on Twitter and simply tweet the following message:

It is Day 1 of the @Gamergeddon 2nd anniversary giveaway. Prizes include MS. Splosion Man on XBLA! Enter at #GGD1

Entry 3 – Facebook

If you have not already, ‘Like’ our Facebook page at and then ‘Like’ our competition post (link here), you can add a comment if you wish to.

Random Code Drops

Codes will be randomly posted on Twitter, Facebook and maybe some other places over the duration of the competition. They may have missing characters and if necessary a clue on what they are, or maybe the first to reply with the correct answer, who knows… No warning will be given so it is first come first redeem.


Rules and Information

– The competition deadline is 10AM BST Friday 29th July.

– Winners will be picked at random from all valid entries after the deadline. In order of picking they will win one of the above game codes.

– The winners names will be posted after the competition has ended in the following days competition post. Prizes will be sent within 24 hours.

– You may only enter each entry method once per competition/day.

– Winning a previous competition does not affect your chances of winning again. In fact it is possible (though unlikely) you could win multiple times each day as entries are picked totally at random.

General rules can be found here.


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