Natural Selection 2 preview and competition to win a copy of the game


‘An online FPS with a modern RTS twist that is fresh whilst evoking memories of classic Alien vs Predator gameplay’.

Natural Selection 2 is an atmospheric asymmetrical first person shooter that sees you fighting online as either the Frontiersmen Marines or the alien Kharaa in a pitched battle for territory.  The gameplay differences between the two sides are stark and as a result strategy and tactics are vastly different depending upon your chosen faction.  

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When playing as a marine I felt like I was in very familiar territory in terms of controls and set-up and it’s worth noting that Unknown Worlds have gone with the more old school approach of no aim-down-sights.  Playing as an alien however is, well, rather alien. I felt out of my depth at first as the handling is very different and much faster but oddly suits a slower pace.  The alien class system is very different too with all players beginning as the same alien but then able to evolve throughout the game.

The unique selling point of the game is that each team has one player fulfill the RTS based role of commander.  The commander is able to set objectives such as capturing a location or powering up an area as well as drop supplies and open new tech trees.  Each player chooses his/her own class and loadout with the commander providing an overall support role whilst influencing play.

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The game is a follow-up to a Half-Life mod and as a result the developer Unknown Worlds has had modding at the forefront of its mind giving access to the full suite of development tools for the proprietary Spark engine with all pre-purchases which also gets you onto the Beta and when launched, the full game.

We’ve been playing the Beta and are loving the game, we will be posting a full review once the finished game is released later this summer, and to celebrate we are giving away two full copies of the game courtesy of the developers Unknown Worlds, how to enter below this video.



We have two codes for the full version of the game when it launches, but you can redeem the code straight away on Steam and play the beta. Your game will be upgraded to the full version once it is released. You can enter the competition via two methods:

  • Leave a comment below and tell us something you like about the game. You can watch the above video to see the game in action.
  • Follow @Gamergeddon on Twitter and tweet the following message “RT & follow @Gamergeddon for a chance to win Natural Selection 2 on PC. Read their preview at #GGNS2”

The competition deadline is Thursday 9th August 11:59:59 BST. Two winners will be picked at random from all eligible entries, general competition rules can be read here. Good luck!

UPDATE: The two winners have been picked at random and they are ‘dacool561’ from the comments and ‘RAY16’ (@Brostopheles) also from the comments. Please check your emails shortly for your codes.


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