Ubisoft announces Tom Clancy’s Rainbow 6 Patriots!

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We didn’t see it at E3, GamesCom, or Comic-Con, but that didn’t mean it wasn’t in existence. Today, Ubisoft announced that Tom Clancy’s Rainbow 6 Patriots is currently in development and will arrive in 2013!

PlayStation Vita release date announced!

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  It’s official – PlayStationVita Launches February 22, 2012 in the United States, Europe, and Canada!

Review: RAGE

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When Bethesda first unveiled RAGE back in January, gamers were stunned by its outstanding visual detail. After seeing so many gameplay videos released while leading up the launch of the game, players were quite certain it would be an…

Dungeon Defenders Review

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Trendy Entertainment are finally releasing the long awaited console and PC port of the hit mobile device game Dungeon Defenders. Is it worth the wait? Read on and find out!

Xbox Indie Game Round Up – Episode 134

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This weeks Xbox Indie Game Round Up includes Glow Arcade Racer, Pixel Animator 3D and Ninja War Stole Scrolls.

Teknmotion Yapster Blaster headset review

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The gaming headset market is a bit of a minefield. Not only is quality of sound input and output important, but comfort and value for money are also key factors. Sure there are plenty of top-of-the-range headsets out there,…

Xbox Indie Game Round Up – Episode 133

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This weeks Xbox Indie Game Round Up includes Flight Adventure 2, FITS-Fishing in the sea and SteamSunk.

Review: God of War Origins

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God of War: Origins brings two titles from the PSP into the HD-era and gives PlayStation 3 owners a chance to play them. Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta both scored pretty high amongst reviewers and players during…

Review: Burnout CRASH!

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Burnout Crash is Criterion Games’ latest entry in the franchise. This time around however, the focus is less on racing dangerously and more on the crash mode mini-game that debuted in Burnout 2 back in 2002. A mode that…

Xbox Indie Game Round Up – Episode 132

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This weeks Xbox Indie Game Round Up includes Dark Delve, FastBall 2, Robotriot and Wizorb.

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