Summer Uprising Review: Speedrunner HD

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Speedrunner HD, one of this year’s Summer Uprising indie titles, is a fast-paced platform game. Set in a shadowy graphic novel styled world, Speedrunner has you jumping and swinging around to save a city from a mad bomber. At…

BloodRayne: Betrayal review

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Rayne, a Dhampir (half-blooded vampire) and one of the most attractive vixens of gaming has returned for another blood-sucking and hack and slash adventure but this time, her blades as well as her memorable assets are in 2D in…

Review: Dead Island

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Deep Silver and Techland have been hyping up Dead Island for quite some time now. Finally the zombie-slaying adventure is here – but is it just another zombie game or has Techland managed to change things for the better?…

Summer Uprising Review: Redd: The Lost Temple

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Redd: The Lost Temple was the final game in the Xbox LIVE Indie Games Summer Uprising promotion, how did it check out overall? Read on to find out.

Ugly Americans: Apocalypsegeddon Review

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How well will a game adaptation of a TV show work? We’re about to find out with Comedy Central’s Ugly Americans: Apocalypsegeddon.

Crimson Alliance review

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The story found in Crimson Alliance is very simple and is presented in static artwork in between levels. It starts with a wizard has awaken to find himself with no memory of the previous events, he meets with a…

Summer Uprising Review: Chester

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How does the platform game Chester stack up against the other XBLIG Summer Uprising titles? Read on and find out.

The Indie Zone Episode 15

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Reviews for Labyrinth, Egyptian Rat Smash and Venture: Diaries from the Battleground as well as news on some upcoming games.

Train Frontier Express review

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Train Frontier Express is a sandbox game which allows you to build a network of train tracks and the surrounding scenery to go with it, then once you have built your world you can take it a train for…

Pinball FX2: Ms. Splosion Man Table review

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Ms. Splosion Man returns in a crossover with the pinball wizards ZEN Studios in their latest Pinball FX2 table based on the hit XBLA game by Twisted Pixel.

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