Review: RAGE

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When Bethesda first unveiled RAGE back in January, gamers were stunned by its outstanding visual detail. After seeing so many gameplay videos released while leading up the launch of the game, players were quite certain it would be an…

Dungeon Defenders Review

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Trendy Entertainment are finally releasing the long awaited console and PC port of the hit mobile device game Dungeon Defenders. Is it worth the wait? Read on and find out!

Worms: Ultimate Mayhem Review

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It’s been 16 years since the release of the original Worms, and it’s fair to say that Team 17’s continued development has brought the franchise a long way from its roots. More recent adaptations include online multiplayer, and an…

Pinball FX2 – Sorcerers Lair Review

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After Zen Studios previous Ms. Splosion Man table, this table feels very quiet and drab in comparison. This is not a bad thing though as where Ms. Splosion Man was loud and brash and dare I say a little…

Review: Burnout CRASH!

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Burnout Crash is Criterion Games’ latest entry in the franchise. This time around however, the focus is less on racing dangerously and more on the crash mode mini-game that debuted in Burnout 2 back in 2002. A mode that…

The Indie Zone Episode 16

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Reviews for Motorbike Stunt Agent Julie, Assembly Line and World Wars: European Conflicts and previews for some XBLIG.

Review: Rotastic

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Rotastic, an XBLA title developed by Dancing Dots is by far one the most entertaining puzzler/action titles that I have played in a very long time.  I’ll admit from the beginning that the genre isn’t on the top of…

Review: Renegade Ops

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If you like to blow stuff up, then Renegade Ops is the game you need to play. It throws you into the driver’s seat of 4 different commando units armed with a big freakin’ machine gun, a secondary weapon…

Review: Rock of Ages

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Rock of Ages was referred to as a tower defense with a twist by many including Atlus. Its Monty Python style visuals are one of kind on Xbox LIVE, but how the game stack up against other tower defense…

Review: SkyDrift

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 SkyDrift is a title you’ve probably never even heard of. In fact I had no idea what it was until it had already launched on XBLA. Sometimes these ‘forgotten’ titles end up being treasures, but does SkyDrift deserve that…

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