Massage Me review

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Yes I’m afraid it’s another massage game/application folks.  The market is currently being flooded with these simple XBLIG titles which turn your control pad into a vibrating ‘massage aid’ and whilst I can understand the idea was novel when…

Project Delta review

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Project Delta sees you take control of a shuttle craft with the galaxy at your fingertips. Opportunities to trade between planets, mine for resources and become a pirate as you explore the galaxy. But is it worth the trip…

YASS Review

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YASS is a side-scrolling shooter based in a space universe, you’re the pilot and you’re overwhelmed by enemies. Is it worth taking the time to fight or should you give up right away?

Tokyo 2029 A.D. Review

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Tokyo 2029 A.D. steps out of the box and into the ring, pitting four players against each other in a 2D free-for-all that features characters that don’t do damage to each other.  Technically.  Read on.

After Burner Climax Review

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SEGA originally released After Burner to arcades in 1987, followed by After Burner II almost immediately afterward. Now, SEGA is at full throttle with the release of After Burner Climax on Xbox LIVE and the Playstation Network. If you’re…

Olu Review

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Developed by Red Button Games, the cyber rhythm-shooter Olu is now part of the Xbox LIVE Indie scene, mimicking the legendary Rez HD on Xbox LIVE Arcade. Does it stay in tune with the best of them? Read on…

Halo Reach beta Impressions

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I spent a couple of hours playing the Halo Reach beta which was available for some lucky people in advance of the official release this coming Monday. Read on to see what I thought of it.

Puzzle Chronicles Review

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You play the character of a K’Ogari Warrior who has been captured by a group of slavers. Afterwards, you are purchased by a mysterious sorceress named Morgana, who will free you providing you perform a small task for her…

Partyboat review

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The Industry Corporation takes you places you never thought you’d be with its novel simulation title Partyboat.  In this unique indie entry, players take the role of the skipper, an enterprising master of ceremonies aboard a cruise ship.  Will…

Armor Valley review

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Armor Valley is an action strategy game from Singapore developers Protégé Productions in which you take command of a peace-keeping force or ‘Federation’ in the distant and dystopian future.  In the game you control one of three available aerial…

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