Yet Another Zombie Defense review

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Yet Another Zombie Defense is…you guessed it! … Another zombie defense title for the Xbox Live Indie scene. While some people may get tired of these games, I don’t think they’ll the concept will ever be dead, and I…

Avalon Legend review

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Avalon Legend is a twin stick shooter with a twist, you can control two characters independently with one controller. Is it a marriage made in heaven or already time for a divorce? Read on to find out.

Concentrix review

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Concentrix is a puzzle game that requires you to match colored patterns, without filling your playing field to the limit. Is it worth a go, or will it leave you wanting more? Read on to find out.

Avatar Hunter review

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Avatar Hunter is based on the card game Concentration also known as Pairs. The aim of the game is to turn over two cards and try to make a matching pair. Is Avatar Hunter a perfect match? Read on…

Tunescape review

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You may be familiar with the Flash version of this game, Tunescape follows the same principle. Fragments of the music are thrown out of a planet in time to the music and you must collect them with your space…

Pew Pew Pod review

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Bad Egg Studios presents a fantastic arcade shooter that draws strong similarities to…well, I’m sure you’ve heard it before. Though the market may be over saturated with games of its ilk, Pew Pew Pod does bring a little variety…

Missile Escape Review

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Missile Escape raced onto the Xbox Live Indie marketplace last week. Time to kick the tires, and light the fires, and we’ll see just how well this game turned out.

Are you fast enough? review

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Are you fast enough? is an arcade game where the aim is to stack rows of blocks to reach the target and rack up the high scores. So are you fast enough? Read on to find out.

BlindGiRl Review

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BlindGiRl is a title I recently became very interested in playing. If you’re a fan of puzzles, mazes, and unique experiences, don’t keep yourself in the dark regarding this game. Developed by glpeas, BlindGiRl is an intriguing experience that…

Avatar Bumper Cars Review

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Avatar Bumper Cars was released on the Xbox Live Indie Marketplace a few days ago, and it’s trying to bump its way into your game collection. If you’re curious about the game, read on and I’ll tell you about…

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