Runic review

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Runic is a match three style puzzle game which you must match three of the same runes to remove them from the game.

Chris Unarmed Review

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Chris Unarmed is a platform game, you play the character of Chris whose world has been overrun by the evil Mango. Chris has decided enough is enough and decides to embark on a journey to Mango’s lair and put…

Christmas Tree 3D review

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Christmas Tree 3D is a Christmas tree decorating application, does it work well or leave pine needles all over your floor which you are still finding six months later?

Holiday Trivia review

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Holiday Trivia is a Quiz game based around Christmas, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and various other “holidays” from this time of year.

Globe Clicker review

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Ever heard of Kiribati? Neither have I, it is a small island in Pacific Ocean and you will soon be learning where you can find it and many other locations thanks to Globe Clicker. Globe Clicker is an educational…

Johnny Platform Saves Xmas! review

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Johnny Platform returns with his sequel to the popular Johnny Platform’s Biscuit Romp, can he save Christmas and get extra roast potatoes or will he be left with a bowl of Brussels sprouts? Read on to find out. [singlepic…

City Rain Review

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City Rain is a Sim City style management game, your job is to rescue failing cities by rebuilding required services set by your assistant. Does it get a bankers bonus or leave the country in recession? Read on to…

Balloon Blocks review

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Balloon Blocks is a physics based arcade puzzle game which looks like Tetris but is in fact a Match 3 like game with coloured soft jelly blocks.

Marvelous Galaxy review

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Marvelous Galaxy is a space based strategy game where the goal is to conquer all the enemy planets, so just how Marvellous is it?

Platypus review

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Platypus is a horizontal scrolling shooter in which you must the defend your home planet of Mongola from the invading plasticine army. Claymation is something not often seen in video games, the only true Claymation games I could find…

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