Astro Match3 review

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Astro Match3 is a puzzle game where you must match three or more of the same symbols to remove them from the board. It is a popular puzzle genre but does Astro Match3 stand out from the many others?…

Snaker Ace review

0 2017
I’m sure the majority of people have played a form of snake at some point, whether it be Rattler Race from Windows 3.11 or one of the many versions that comes standard on almost every mobile phone, Snaker Ace…

XMAS Taxi review

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XMAS Taxi is a Christmas themed sequel of Astro Taxi game released on Indie Games in September 2009, read our review here as this review will not go into as much detail as Astro Taxi. Does this version bring…

Frequency review

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Freqµency is a platformer game that seems to be inspired from games such as Megaman and Metroid, how will it stack up?

Boring Space Shooter review

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Boring Space Shooter is another twin stick shooter, does the title live up to it’s name or is it reverse psychology? Read on to find out.

Powa Volley review

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One of the hardest genre’s to get right in the gaming world are Volleyball games, over the years there’s been different approaches to it and this is no exception for Powa Volley, so how will it stack up? [singlepic…

Echoes+ review

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Twin stick shooters are ten a penny now on XBLIG, three months ago I was extremely poor at Geometry Wars and had never even played the sequel. So I had a touch of the fear when the Geometry Wars…

IncaBlocks review

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IncaBlocks is a family game where players must place blocks on a board in order to score points, the player with the highest score wins. A simple idea which anyone can pick up and play but is it as…

ArkX review

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ArkX follows your traditional Arkanoid clone with a paddle, ball and block design in which you must destroy the blocks with a bouncing ball which are returned with your paddle. This game however has a few twists on the…

XCross review

0 2011
XCross is a puzzle game based on the popular picture logic Picross puzzles (also known as Nonograms, Paint by Numbers and Griddlers) in which cells in a grid have to be filled in or left empty according to numbers…

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