Pixel Whirled review

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Next stop, the 8-bit world of Pixel Whirled – all aboard! This one comes to us using the classic formula we know from Space Invaders but it has a slight variation. Instead of managing one character with waves upon…

Four Player Tangerine Fight review

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Dirge Studio’s new title “Four Player Tangerine Fight” sees the return of Herman, the overworked and under appreciated hero for this generation’s white collar workers. Herman apparently hadn’t vented enough in the first game, so he’s back again armed…

Starbase Epsilon review

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Starbase Epsilon is a resource farming/management game does it stand with many others like it, or does it sit quietly in the shadows?

Asphalt Jungle review

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Asphalt Jungle is a retro style puzzle game in which you must make a road for a car that wont stop. I promise not to make any Toyota jokes, read on to see if this game should get a…

Minigolf Mania review

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Minigolf Mania is a 3D crazy golf game, I was going to do a Tiger Woods joke to tee off but I don’t want his lawyers after me 😉 So does Minigolf Mania score a hole in one or…

Pwn Age: 31337 AD review

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Pwn Age: 31337 AD is a twin stick deathmatch style shooter, does it blast the opponents into next week or is it left hiding in the corner crying for its mummy? Read on to find out. [singlepic id=861 w=320…

Overscan Sniper HD review

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Overscan Sniper HD is an application that checks how much, if any, overscan your TV or monitor has. Does it hit the target or fly right over the head? Read on to find out.

Gamefarm Math Quiz review

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Gamefarm Math Quiz is a fast paced math quiz game for people of all ages and maths levels. Does it get top marks or must it see the teacher after class? Read on to find out. [singlepic id=826 w=320…

Ikaroids review

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Ikaroids is a real-time space combat game it shares elements from games such as asteroids and Sinistar.

Snail Shot Torpedo review

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Snail Shot Torpedo sets a new twist on the Zombie game theme with Zombie Snails, is it a slick operation or does it leave a sloppy trail on the floor? Read on to find out. [singlepic id=811 w=320 h=240…

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