Review: Sacred Citadel

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The Steam Chamber review of Southend’s side-scrolling brawler Sacred Citadel is now available to watch. You can purchase Sacred Citadel on Steam here, visit the homepage for more details on the game.

Review: BattleBlock Theatre

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It has been a long wait since The Behemoth’s BattleBlock Theatre was announced way back in the mists of time. Has it been worth the wait?

DLC Quest/Live Freemium Or Die Review

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DLC Quest recently launched on Steam after enjoying a lot of success with their Xbox Indie Games version last year. The PC release comes with the original story and the second chapter Live Freemium Or Die, which also launched…

Review: Special Forces: Team X

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Special Forces: Team X is a mix of styles; cell shaded graphics gives a lighter feel to the game, exploding heads and chainsaw wielding maniacs adding a touch of humour and team based mechanics finish the mix with a…

Kinect Party Review

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Kinect Party is the latest free offering to hit Xbox LIVE, and it’s just in time to try and boost a few more sales of Kinect for Christmas.  I’m not exactly an advocate of Kinect as you may…

Review: XCOM: Enemy Unknown

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XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a remake of the classic 1994 game X-COM: Enemy Unknown (UFO Defense in US) cherished by many around the world and often mentioned in the top PC games of all time. When the remake was…

Review: Magic the Gathering 2013 – Return to Ravnica

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Magic the Gathering 2013 received its first expansion pack, Return to Ravnica. If you’re interested in some new cards to expand your decks, it may be worth a look. Of course the DLC offers a little more than just…

Brimstone – An Action RPG review

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We have been hearing some good things about the Xbox Indie Game Brimstone, so I spent a few hours with the game last night and found it very hard to put down.

Review: Rock Band Blitz

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Rock Band Blitz has been one of the most anticipated digital titles for a few months now. Now that it’s released, you want to know if it was worth the wait – find out below.

Wreckateer Review

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Wreckateer hit XBLA during the Summer of Arcade promotion, touting its extremely responsiveness using Xbox Kinect. The fact is – I don’t care much for Kinect, but being the only one on the site that owns it – I…

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