Deadlight review

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The third game in this years Summer of Arcade is nearly upon us. This week takes us to Seattle to spend some time with Randall Wayne, he has a bit of a problem with zombies.

Magic The Gathering – Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 Review

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Magic 2013 recently launched and we’ve had a chance to sit down with the PlayStation Network version. How does it compare to Magic 2012? Let’s take a look.

Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition review

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A New World Wednesday saw the release of Minecraft on XBLA.  I won’t waste too much time by explaining and examining every aspect of what Minecraft is because it’s been around for some time now and chances are that…

Fable Heroes Review

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Fable Heroes is a side scrolling action brawler game set in the Fable universe. Four players, a mix of human or CPU, take control of puppet characters and must work their way through the land of Albion ridding them…

Deadliest Warrior: Ancient Combat Review

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Alright, so for anyone who might not know, the title for this ‘game’ is a bit misleading, Deadliest Warrior: Ancient Combat isn’t actually a new game at all, but a compilation of both Deadliest Warrior: The Game and Deadliest…

Trials Evolution Review

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If you have been hiding under the proverbial rock for the past few years you may have still heard of Trials HD, it was that good! The aim of the game is to get your motorbike to the finish…

Wrecked Revenge Revisited review

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Wrecked: Revenge Revisited is the long-awaited spiritual sequel to Mashed (Drive to Survive in US). Developed by the cult games Micro Machines and Mashed creators Supersonic, Wrecked should be a no-brainer purchase right? Read on to find out.

Alan Wake’s American Nightmare Review

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Brutally spat out from the abyss of darkness Alan wakes up disoriented and confused. A lodge sits in front of him half-sunk in a pool of darkness. A tool of light lies near the edge of the pool, producing…

Pinball FX2: Epic Quest impressions

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ZEN Studios have raised the pinball stakes mixing RPG elements in to their latest table Epic Quest. Read our impressions to find out just how epic this quest is.

The Indie Zone – Episode 22

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Reviews for DLC Quest, Platform Hack and Perkunas’ Dragon: Episode One, along with some news on some upcoming games.

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