Office DisOrders review

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Office DisOrders is a satirical game where you learn the ins and outs of office work. So, is the job fun, will it make you want to hand in your letter of resignation? Move forward and find out! [singlepic…

Rotor’scope Review

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Rotor’scope is a complex puzzle game developed by Nivel21 for the Xbox Live Indie Community.   The game offers a variety of puzzles, which become increasing difficulty very quickly. So, just how good of a puzzle game is Rotor’scope?…

Tobe’s Vertical Adventure review

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Rayteoactive presents Tobe’s Vertical Adventure, a magical journey back to the early days of gaming.  The colorful 2D platformer evokes memories of Ice Climbers as you follow Tobe as he quests at the behest of his angry girlfriend.  After…

Toy Soldiers Review

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Toy Soldiers is the first title to kick off XBLA Block Party on March 3, 2010 – get ready to man the guns and fight for freedom. Developed by Signal Studios, Toy Soldiers is an intense tower defense game…

Avatar Showdown review

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Avatar Showdown is a reaction based game pitting Avatar against Avatar where only one will be left alive at the end. Does Avatar Showdown fight against the heavyweights or is it knocked down in one punch? Read on to…

Hypno Vol. 1 review

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Unique. That’s the best word to describe Hypno Vol. 1 – a where you play the role of a psychotic hypnotist who kills for pleasure. Instead of controlling an actual character on screen, all people are represented by dots,…

Avatar Boogie review

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Avatar Boogie is a part music player, part screensaver application in which avatars dance to the music. Should you get down(loading) or leave the dance floor? Read on to find out.

Your Doodles Are Bugged review

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Your Doodles Are Bugged! is a puzzle game in which you must draw lines to guide bugs to a magic honey pot. Is the game the sweet taste of honey or do you get stung on the bum by…

Space Pirates from Tomorrow review

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Space Pirates from Tomorrow (SPfT) may very well be the Indie Games Channel’s truest sandbox title.  MStar Games has submitted an amalgam of trade/spaceflight/dogfight simulations in what may be the biggest stretch of your 240 :MSPoints: to date. [singlepic…

Mind’s Eye of Jupiter – 01 review

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Mind’s Eye of Jupiter – 01 is the first in an episodic series for Xbox Live Indie Games. The gameplay resembles Myst, which some of you may have played on the PC. While Myst was plot-heavy, in this first…

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