The Division Expansion III: Last Stand, Update 1.6 Details Revealed

Ubisoft has released new details about the 3rd upcoming expansion for Tom Clancy's The Division. The 2nd update was received very well and apparently breathed new life into the game that was previously suffering according to many people. Will Last Stand repeat that and maybe increase the players base a little more? We'll find out soon. (more…)
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Watch Dogs 2 Gets Demo | PlayStation 4/Xbox One

Watch Dogs 2 was easily the biggest surprise of the year for me personally in 2016. I hated on Ubisoft, a lot, throughout the year. They've been releasing broken games, misleading people with inaccurate footage and details, and overcharging for what they offer consumers. However, they've done something different with Watch Dogs 2 - they listened to players complaints. (more…)
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