Dragon Quest XI Launch Trailer | NEWS

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Dragon Quest is finally back with the entry that many of us have been waiting for. A North American console release is always great, but there are rumors that Echoes of Elusive Age may even surpass the greatness that…

Onimusha: Warlords Coming to PS4, Xbox One, Switch, & Steam | NEWS

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Onimusha: Warlords initially released in 2001 and it was an instant hit that spawned a few sequels. Onimusha: Warlords follows the battle-filled journey of samurai Samanosuke Akechi and ninja Kaede on a quest to save Princess Yuki from a legion…

Valkyria Chronicles 4 – “Memoirs from Battle” Premium Edition Detailed | NEWS

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Valkryia Chronicles 4 launches in a little under a month, and Sega has a pretty cool bundle available if you’re a really big fan of the franchise. Check out the details after the jump.

Trials Rising Gets a Release Date | NEWS

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Trials fans, rejoice! We’ve got a date for the upcoming title, Trials Rising. Ubisoft will be launching their latest Trials game on February 12, 2019. Sure, there’s a bit of a wait but I’m sure you haven’t gotten all…

Mega Man 11 Arrives October 2018 | NEWS

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Mega Man is back, although he’s never really been gone. Capcom confirmed this morning that he’ll be back to take on new robot masters created by Dr. Wily, and we’ll be joining him for the ride this October.

Ubisoft Releases E3 Conference Details | NEWS

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E3 2018 runs from June 12-14, but as usual we’ll see the press conferences running prior to the main show. Ubisoft’s E3 conference will take place at the Orpheum Theatre on June 11 at 1:00 p.m. PT.

Masters of Anima | REVIEW | PlayStation 4

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Masters of Anima is one of the more enjoyable ‘unknown’ titles that I’ve played this year. Developer Passtech Games has taken inspiration from some rather well-known but somewhat under-appreciated titles of the past, including the Pikmin series on GameCube…

Masters of Anima Launches On PS4, Xbox, Switch & PC | NEWS

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Fans of Overlord and the Pikmin games can rejoice today, thanks to the release of Masters of Anima. Developed by PASSTECH Games, Masters of Anima is an action RPG where you can raise and control minions to do your bidding…

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Heading to Nintendo Switch, E3 2017 | TRAILER

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Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is heading to the Switch, allegedly this year. If you haven’t finished the first game, you might want to dust off your Wii U and get on top of that. Check out the full E3 trailer…

Rocket League Headed to Nintendo Switch With Cross-Network Play Support, E3 2017 | TRAILER

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Rocket League is back in the news, and this time it’s heading the Nintendo Switch. The game will be launching during the 2017 Holiday Season, and it will feature cross-network play with other platforms!

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